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This is what dope looks like
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fuckitletsallgethigh said: You are adorable and your blog is perf<3

the-lonely-st0ner said: Lol it's so funny to hear that u havnt been to six flags. Everyone around here is sick of it cuz we've all been there so many times haha! But u live like 45 minutes to an hour away from me, i live kinda closer to the shore. I'm horrible with directions so sorry I can't describe it any better hahaha

A lot of people I know have been there a lot and are usually shocked when I say I’ve never been there… I just live so close to the wildwood boardwalk I’ve never really felt the need to go out of my way to ride amusement rides. It’s honestly not even something I find interesting. 

Directions to my house are easy. Go south until you hit water, here I am. Im literally on the very tip of NJ. 

head-tripped said: I wish I had advice to give you about hair dye but my hair doesn't hold dye well. I've tried getting it professionally dyed brown and then used a box dye for blue but neither of the colors held good and was a dull color so I gave up on dying my hair but I really want to dye it purple

I’ll do it weekly if I have to, I don’t even give a fuck… I just hope they have enough of this color left at the store to last me a while. 

The products I use in my hair aren’t the best for color, but they’re soooooo good on my hair that I don’t even care. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. 

I only got this color pink because they were out of the lavender I wanted, but now I’m glad I got it. 

crystalbud said: Hey gorgeous <3

hey bby <333

the-lonely-st0ner said: Where in jersey u from man? I live by six flags

I’m from the Cape May/Wildwood area. I’ve never been to six flags, so idk where exactly that is. 

head-tripped said: I've been following you for quite sometime now and have seen a few of the different changes in hair color but the pink looks so damn rad on you!

Thanks! It took some getting used to, but I was actually thinking about staying pink for a while.. I’ve always been more of a fan of the blues, but I’ve really been loving this shade of pink. 
I need to find a different brand that lasts longer though, cause it’s only been a week and I already had to re do it… My friend told me the vegan manic panic pink worked a while, so I was thinking about picking up some of that and trying it out. 


staylifted-livestoned said: What's the most you've rolled into one blunt and/or joint and what's the most you've smoked in one sitting

I guess both these questions have the same answer… I smoke a lot that day, but during the day in a single sitting I smoked a 7 gram blunt, and that was the most I’ve ever put into a blunt/the most I ever smoked in a single sitting… That shit was no joke. 

Anonymous said: my moms uncle is about to die and he wants to see her. hes fucking loaded and she was his favorite niece, theres a good chance shes gonna get a lot, and i mean a lot of money. it sounds greedy but she promised us money if it pays out, and holy fuck i hope he drops dead the day after she leaves because im tired of being broke and i want his money, between me and my 3 siblings, my mom and my dad, im looking at 15 thousand at least. i want to tell someone but it sounds bad. i want his money.

dude, my friend has this aunt and apparently when she goes its possible my friends gonna get a large sum of money, and I’m always like, bitch we livin the life as soon as this bitch goes. Like, it’s not even my family or my money and I’m still excited. So like, yeh it’s totally bad/shitty, but you can’t help being like HELL YEH~