Heads in rotation This is what dope looks like
This is what dope looks like
Kae. 21. New Jersey. Pescetarian. Gay.

I’m gonna rip this bowl of kief then go to sleep. 

The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.

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I hope my sister brings alcohol to dinner tomorrow cause if I can’t get weed I’m gonna get shit faced and I don’t think I have enough wine to get properly shit faced. 

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What happened? Are you out of weed already or do you not have anyone to share with?

I never even got weed to begin with yet because my dick bag dealer is a dick bag.
We hit him up 2 days ago and he told us a few hours ago he’d have it, and now it’s 1am and I’m beat for getting anything. 
On top of that I have work tomorrow, then directly after work I have Easter dinner with my family.. my family that I CAN NOT FUCKING STAND.
So I wont be able to get weed until nighttime, IF I’m fucking lucky… 

I’m so furious right now. 


when you reblog something risky and you need to cover it up with some more reblogs but there is nothing good on your dash